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Were Name: SilentShifter/Silverhair/also known as Li--nah, that would be telling...;-)

Phenotype: Gray Wolf

Shifting Ability: Mental/Spiritual

Birth-date: 10/3/60

Birthplace: Pennsylvania

Home Territory: Northeastern US

Dream Territory: Extensive woodland, snow covered hills, large caves...

Physical Description, Human: Slightly over the hill female, 5'2", grey eyes, auburn shoulder length hair streaked with silver, pale skin, mysterious smile...

Physical Description, Were: Small silver-furred wolf, with ice blue eyes.

Favorite Were-movie: Cat People (New version).

Favorite Literature:

Favorite Were Literature:

Favorite Art:

Favorite Were-art:

Favorite Quote:

Favorite Were Saying/Quote:

Favorite Personal Quote:

Favorite Song/Band(s):

Favorite Season:

Favorite Holidays:

Preferred Prey: Marshmallows!

Hunting Tips: Hide the bag when there are children around.

Preferred Method of Attack: Sneak, pounce, rip, pluck--roast on a stick over an open fire until a perfect golden brown.

Favorite Non-Were Mythological Beast:

Feelings Toward Vampires: Some of my best friends are lee--er, um...I mean vampires...

Feelings Toward Normal Humans: Do not meddle in the affairs of were-folk, for you are crunchy--and good with soy sauce.

Personal Therianthropy:

All images, text, ideas and so forth on these pages,unless specified, are the property of SilentShifter. Do not snatch, take, steal or other wise abscond with ANY of it.
Violators will be eaten.