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Were personality traits if you will...Have you ever looked at the people around you and wondered what phenotype they could be, or wondered at the characteristics you yourself posses? Below you will find a list of animals and the type of person that animal can create:

Dinosaur: these people can be very aggressive in their dealings. They have the ability to change their circumstances dramatically, knowing when changes are needed and not hesitating to do so.

Dog: being diggers and hunters by nature these people can find anything. They are friendly to most people and always try to find the good in any circumstance. They hold strong parental ties and often live with their parents long into adulthood.

Dolphin: these people are naturally curious. They want to be fair in their dealing and will go out of their way to find balance in all things. They depend upon the company of others to make them feel complete. They either come from or create large extended families.

Dragon: the person with a dragon phenotype will seem like an old soul, capable of inspiring those who are seeking higher truth. They guard their wisdom jealously though, only giving to those who prove themselves worthy.

Eagle: these people have commanding presences. They attract attention. They have strong leadership skill and take swift action when it is needed. They are monogamous.

Elephant: just in their dealings they cant stand situation of imbalance. They frequently take leadership positions. They love politics.

Falcon: Loners by nature they enjoy life best when left alone. They usually have few or no enemies. When they do make friends they are extremely protective and loyal. They enjoy games of skill.

Ferret: these are outgoing individuals. Happy go lucky, spontaneous and inventive. They are playful but do like to stir things up, sometimes to the distress of others. They are good at finding out secrets and investigations. They have pleasant dispositions and are popular.

Fox: trickster-teachers they enjoy stirring up trouble so those involved can lear from the experience. They have the ability to charm, but may use this to lure in enemies and then go for the attack. They are also highly intuitive.

Frog: these people actually seek and enjoy change. They are articulate individuals and love any chance to speak their minds. They also have the ability to change the minds of others.

Horse: they cannot bear to be tied down to any person, place or situation. They are leaders who really don't care if anyone follows them.

Iguana: these people choose paths that most would not dare to tread. They like to have company on these nontraditional paths. No one controls these people for very long. They tend to be hyper-vigilant and high-strung.

Jaguar: these people must feel as if they are the king or queen of their domain wherever that may be. They feel as if most others owe them something on some level and are always ready to collect. They can defend an enemy from public humiliation simply so they can have the first swipe at him. They need to feel loved and can't stand the idea that someone may find them intolerable.

Kangaroo: experts at rebirthing and knowing the ways of rebirth. They like balance and groundedness, but can also get silly with friends.

Leopard: these people do not like to be in the spotlight. Even though they like to remain in the background, they can be very influential in the lives of others. They set realistic, obtainable goals. They would prefer to achieve these goals without the aid of others.

Lion: they are creative individual. They put themselves into situations that will broaden their horizons. Natural leaders and organizers, they do need sometimes to keep a pompous attitude under control.

Source: "The Once Unknown Familiar" by Timothy Roderick
Lewellyn Publications