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Were personality traits if you will...Have you ever looked at the people around you and wondered what phenotype they could be, or wondered at the characteristics you yourself posses? Below you will find a list of animals and the type of person that animal can create:

Aardvark: these people pursue uncommon goals and paths. They do not welcome danger, instead finding ways to hide until it has passed. They do not like to have their home environment disturbed and will go to great lengths to see that everything remains just as it is.

Alligator: these folk are very "thick skinned." They do not care about comments or influences of other people, keeping their minds fixed on a single goal. They are very devoted to their homes, no matter if they live in a mansion or a trailer park. They often live to be incredibly old.

Anteater: have a wry or offbeat sense of humor. Avid readers, they enjoy solving a good mystery. They are natural analysts and good researchers. They are business-minded and keep their noses to the grindstone.

Antelope: love groups but never stick around too long. They live on the move. They have a high sense of intuition and can sense danger long before it arrives.

Baboon: they show concern for whoever they consider to be family. Not necessarily blood relatives, they will take into their circle anyone they feel worthy of attention. They will strongly defend their loved ones.

Badger: these people want no more than to mind their own business and don't understand why others won't do the same. They tend to be serious people but can have a quick and biting wit. When they become angry they bristle and grumble and growl, putting on a big show of being terribly fierce. But it is mostly a big show. They are excellent workers, sometimes verging on being workaholics.

Bat: are highly sexual people, their conversation can be laced with ribald jokes and innuendoes. They are natural business persons. They also can have dramatic moods swings.

Bear: they intimidate others who don't know them, but the truth is that bear people can be very nurturing, open hearted and playful. They are highly intelligent and their curiosity is easily piqued. Watch out though, bears know what a person's weakness is and will strike where a person is most vulnerable if threatened.

Bobcat: Along with the basic nature of Cat, there is also a sense of wildness. They are very alert people, but like to have a routine, even more so than regular cats. They are very strong for their size.

Camel: these are shrewd people that can deal with adversity without much stress. They are emotionally sensitive. They make relationships work in the long run by finding the rough spots and smoothing them over. They make good counselors because they like to help others who find it difficult to weather the storms of life.

Cat: cats people are highly independent. They have ways of getting what they want, one way or another. They don't always think about how their actions affect others, but they really don't intend malice. These are mysterious people who can evoke spiritual aid without much trouble. They are tricksters and teachers who might just take a swipe at someone in order to teach a lesson. These people can also revert to being wild without much notice.

Cheetah: these people are great at "tracking down prey," therefore they are great at achieving goals that others would find to be long-shots. Extremely quick witted they can insult someone without the insulted person ever taking notice. These people can be impatient and also clinging in romantic situations. They can "attack" partners if they try to end things.

Cougar: cougars are creative people, born showpeople. They can also be healers, healing through mystical means.

Coyote: true loners, they are wary of strangers and usually have a better time alone than with others. But for those who can get close enough, they make life long companions. They are very adaptable and will try to master internal and magical power.

Crow: these people are manipulators who make all the people in their lives into chess pieces. They get want they wan through manipulation of others. Very territorial they will fight for what they feel is by rights theirs. They hate to give up, being very determined persons.

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Source: "The Once Unknown Familiar" by Timothy Roderick
Lewellyn Publications