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Ssssso, wanderer in the ssssshadows, you think perhapsssss that the caninesss, felinesss and avianssss have the world of weressss all sssewn up into a neat little tripple play package...

Not ssso, not sssso at all.

Allow me to enlighten you. I mysssself, assss you can ssssee by the picture below--

am a weressssnake by nature, a sssscientist and ressssearcher by trade.

It sssseems to run in the family assss can be sssseen by this picture of a nephew that I am particularly proud of:

An ancestressss of oursss isss the one resssponsible for our "gift," what ssssome would call a cursssse. I've found, by digging deeply into the family hissstory, an ancient drawing of her, crude but you can sssee the ressssemblance, I'm sssure:

If you choossse to move onward and delve more into my resssearch you will find that indeed, one ssshould not try to put ssshapessshifters into neat little boxesss, for they will sssurely break out of thossse moldsss and sssurprise you.


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