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What is it that fascinates us so about the darkness,
that makes us seek it out--
and immerse ourselves in it?
I offer here my opinions only,
and my reasons for loving the night.

The darkness has always been my friend, my protector. Shrouding
me from prying eyes..those ones that would tell me that I was
different, strange.

For years I was alone in the darkness, content to be with only
myself and the night. Then gradually I realized that there were
others in the shadows. Others whose words did not hurt, but were
wrapped in velvet blackness, cushioned in dreams. Unlike those
who would shun the night, these dreamers knew me, knew my soul,
for their souls also welcomed the night.

Some wore fangs, some fur, some simply craved the light of the
moon instead of the rays of the sun. One by one they came and I
embraced them joyfully. With each embrace, the darkness that had
always been around me I took into my self.

There are those who would say that the night is cold, stark and
unpitying. Yet we know better. The night is warm to those who
welcome Her.

"Darkside's calling now

nothing is real...

And you'll never know

just how I feel..."

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