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Well of course it's a link page...
Not listed here and want to be?
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WERE (and fur) LINKS:
WolfieBard's Domain
Nightlyre's Realm
Wolf's Domain
Spirit of the Wolf
CyberWolf's Den
CrackSMirrors Werewolf Page
Shapeshifters Nightclub
Bender's Werewolves in Suburbia
Lycanthropy, Werewolves
Gallery of Werecreatures
Swiftpaw's Lair
Silver Wolf's Den
WereWolf Central
Night Creatures
STriker's Den
The Pride
Kevin and Kell
Wolf Fang's Night Retreat
The Virutal Fire
Shadow's Den of the Supernatural
MegaDog's First Virtual Church of Dog
The WereList
Werebeasts at ShadowsMyst
Whispers From The Shadows(Were Message Board)
Fair Winds
The Lair
Shifter's Corner
Clan of the Cave Cat
MoonStalkeR's Den
Full Moon Girl
Werewolves and Beyond
Temple of Werewolves
Lady Swiftpaw's Lair
Black Genesis
Wolves and Lycanthropy
The Werewolf Page
Fang, Claw & Steel
Abrahm's EXPOSED Webpage
Ambient Wolf
StormShade's DeN
The Temple of Luna
Calico's Den

OTHERLINKS (just cause...):
Virtual Reality Moon Phase Pictures: Find out what phase of the moon you were born under!
Shades of Reality: A multitude of Mysteries pondered.
Fantasy Art at Elfwood: Art! Lots of it!
Lady in Black's Animal Spirits: Beautiful pages, beautiful animals. Adopt a totem.
Lytha Studios: Celtic and Pagan accesories.

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Captured Souls

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