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Humans have ever wanted to fly. It seems to be a desire that for some is so deep-seated as to be in our very DNA. The half-human/half-bird creatures of mythology are very much in evidence of this.

Garuda: Indian semi-diety. Garuda had the head, wings, beak and claws of a huge eagle and a human body and limbs. The enemy of all serpents (who is still called upon today to ease snake-biote), he was describe as the Bird of Life who both destroyed and created all.

Harpies: Greek. (from harpyiai, meaning "snatchers" or "ravishers) Harpies were large birds with the heads and faces of women, vulture-like bodies and the claws of eagles.

Jungfrauadler: Germanic. Was a woman from the waist up, but had the body, wings, tail and legs of an eagle.

Sirens: Greek. The Sirens were connected with oceans and water, but originally they were human birds. They had human sized bird bodies with the heads, arms and breasts of women.

Ten-gu: Japan. Ten-gu were woodland creatures with the body of a man and the face of a bird. They carried fans made of feathers. They were able to shapeshift into any animal form and had great magical powers.

The Ba: Egyptian. The Ba was a human headed bird which represented one of the seven souls belonging to each human being.

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