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The Lady has blessed me with a loving family and wonderful friends.

This is where I get to show them off...

Well, first there's me. I suppose it wouldn't be right if there wasn't a pic of the webmistress. Just a little silver wolf with a marshmallow addiction:

Here's my mate of seven years, Onix:

Or he can be found like this,
especially if the next two are up to no good:

Here are the lights of my life, and the banes of my existence, my cubs, Star (thirteen, knows everything) and Brier (seven, wants to know everything):

These days, Brier is leaning more toward the feline side of the family though:

And Star's gone a bit flighty on us:

Here are our best friends, Grollwynn:

and his mate Moonrose:

OK, so it's a mixed marriage. Have you ever read Kevin and Kell? It's fine as long as he's well fed.

Here's my friend of many years, Falkaren:

Next, a couple of online friends.

Here's GaryLion:

love the bubbles...

And here's Twilight:

I met them both on AHWW, but the friendships have extended beyond the Virtual Fire.

Well, there we are in all our gory...I mean glory.

I hope you enjoyed your visit. Come back and see us real soon. (Bring marshmallows)


The Pictures used for the "Family Album" were found at:
The Bioninfo Animal Pictures Archive
a WONDERFUL animal picture resource you should definitely check out!

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