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...Or two or three. Below is a small list. The clickable titles will take you where you can buy the books straight off the web.

The Wolf's Hour-Robert. R. McCammon
The Silver Wolf-Alice Borchardt
Human Animals, Werewolves and Other Transformations-Frank Hamel
The Beast Within: A History of the Werewolf-Adam Douglas
The Werewolves of London-Brian M. Stableford
The Blooding-Patricia Windsor, Patricia Windson
Women Who Run With the Werewolves: Tales of Blood, Lust and Metamorphosis-Pam Keesey (Editor)
The Passion-Donna Boyd
Werewolves-Martin H. Greenberg (Editor)
Wilderness--Dennis Danvers
Operation Chaos--Poul Anderson
Chrome Circle--Mercedes Lackey
Owl in Love--Patrice Kindl
Deerdance:The Shapeshifter Archetype in Story and Trance--Michele Jamal

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